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Trumpet 7: Third Woe

The 3rd Woe takes place after the Thunders.

A little pattern starts to emerge.

4 morning blasts in the Temple - 4 horsemen seals – 4 trumpets affecting nature – Letters????

3 evening blasts in the Temple – 3 remaining seals – 3 trumpets/woes affecting mankind directly – Letters????

Things all looking very, very bad for humanity at this point. Not just in certain regions but globally. One-third of the earth vegetation, seas and water supplies have been destroyed. That will disrupt the whole ecology and climate system. That will also affect people at the other side of the earth. It’s reasonable to assume lots and lots of people will die because food shortage. During the woes one-third of mankind dies. That’s another 2.3 billion. I fear that at this point half of the world’s population has died.