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The Prophet Ezekiel                             The Apostle John

1/2 of Jerusalem had been exiled                1/2 of Jerusalem will be exiled (Zech 14:2)

1/2 of Jerusalem was still in the land          1/2 of Jerusalem will still be in the land

Ezekiel saw throne, likeness of God             John saw throne, likeness of God

Ezekiel fell facedown                           John fell facedown

Ezekiel was shown scroll, unrolled              John was shown scroll, unrolled

Ezekiel was told to eat the scroll              John was told to eat the scroll

The scroll tasted sweet in Ezekiel's mouth      The scroll tasted sweet in John's mouth

Ezekiel was told to speak to Israel in exile    Two Witnesses will speak to Israel in exile

God made Ezekiel unyielding God will make       Two Witnesses unyielding

Ezekiel prophesied the siege of Jerusalem       Two Witnesses prophesy siege of Jerusalem

God brought plagues on Israel                   Two Witnesses will bring plagues on Israel

2/3 perished, 1/3 remained 2/3 will perish,     1/3 will remain (Zech 13:8-9)

Believers were 'sealed' before Jerusalem fell   144,000 are 'sealed' before Jerusalem falls

Jerusalem fell while some were in exile         Jerusalem will fall while some are in exile

Temple was defiled                              Temple will be defiled

God restored their hearts                       God will restore their hearts

God returned Israel to their land               God will return Israel to their land

Jacob's Ladder 'Type'                          Great Tribulation / Nathanael

Jacob fled Esau's (Edom's) persecution         Israel will flee Edom's persecution

Jacob fled to the desert                       Israel will flee to the desert

Jacob saw heaven open                          Israel will see heaven open

Jacob saw the Lord's ladder                    Israel will see the Lord's ladder

Jacob saw angels ascending & descending        Israel will see angels ascending & descending

Jacob was served by angels                     Israel will be served by angels

Jacob had God with him                         Israel will have God with them

Jacob was brought back to his land             Israel will be brought back to their land

Jacob would Worship God                        Israel will worship God