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Groups of 4 with 7 colors?
A good, but easy to answer question.

It was always God who took the first step, the primary covenant.

Man reponded to that with the secondary covenant.

But those 2 are acttually 1 covenant.

So we have:

The 3 primary covenants of God are:

Between red and yellow we find orange. If you mix red and yellow paint you get orange paint.

Yellow mixed with blue gives green.

Blue mixed with yellow gives white or black.

Black and white

Needless to say the Bible has good and bad guys. Satan always tries to mimic God.

While God kills an animal for Passover Cain kills his brother. That kind of stuff.

So the good and bad covenants have the same color. Unless the last one.

Mix 1 part red, 1 part yellow and 1 part blue paint and the result is black. →Earthly colors.

Mix the same colors of light and you get white.

Marriage is the all 3 former covenants wrapped in one.

Jesus = light = combines into white = marriage of life.

Satan = paint = combines into black = marriage of death.