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An overview how God dealt with mankind since creation.

There are 4 types of relationships/covenants:

1] Servanthood /Blood

2] Salt

3] Sandal

4] Marriage

The first 3 can be split into 2 sub-parts.

A] God initiating a covenant.

B] Man responding.

That makes room for 7 covenants in the space of 4.

1A] Servanthood initiated.  God on behalf of Adam

1B] Servanthood response.  Noah as thanks for saving from flood.

The thanks component was the base of friendship (salt).

2A] Salt initiated.  God initiated friendship with Abraham

2B] Salt response.  Jacob gave birth to the founding members of Israel.

 His sons was the base of the Sandal/Inheritance (of the state Israel) covenant.

3A] Sandal initiated  God raised up Moses to lead his people to Israel

3B] Sandal response  David defended the inheritance at all cost while guided by God.

4] Marriage  Jesus came to marry Israel.

Below ‘proof’ the churches are parallel to the patriarchs. Also notice that with each patriarch the (potential) reward increases. Believers come in the 7 classes shown above. The reward increases with the class. Also see the spreadsheet.

Each church symbolically spans a millennium.

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