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Summary page

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This site is divided in several semi-independent articles. On themselves the articles show some interesting information about the topic at hand. Combined they show a larger pattern proving the proposed calendar.

Start of the day
This article shows a calendar day starts at dawn and ends at dawn.

Sabbath days always fall on the same day of the month
A series of verses shows that every Sabbath day that is mentioned along with a date falls on the 8th, 15th, 22nd or 29th of the month.

This article also show the statistical improbability that it happened by mere chance alone.

A week isn’t always 6+1
It’s often assumed that Lev 23:3 teaches that each and every week consists of 6 working days and one Sabbath day. This page shows with Scripture itself that’s not true.

New moon day
What exactly is a New moon day?

Lunar calendar with an occasional 13th month
Eziekel chapters 1, 4 and 8 give enough dates and numbers to mathematically prove that a lunar calendar with an occasional thirteenth month is the only calendar with Scriptural basis.

Sabbath start, end and duration
This article shows Sabbath observation starts at dawn and ends at dusk. Meaning, Sabbath observation is only the 12 daylight hours.

The common view is that Pentecost is 7 weeks + 1 day = 7x7 +1 = 50 days from Feast of First Fruits. This article shows it’s 7 weeks plus 50 days; totalling 101-103 days.

Calendar change - 8 day week
An article showing that during Christ’s time the Roman week was 8 days and the week started on Saturday. That casts a whole new light on the first day of the week being Sunday.

Conjunction explained and proven.

Conjunction math
Several ways to predict the next conjunction with and without tools or math.

When is New moon day?
The 24-day of conjunction or the next24-day?

God’s dateline
Man’s dateline is fixed and cause God’s holy days to be celebrated on different dates depending where on earth you live. Not so for God’s dateline…

8 creation days
God created everything in 8 days and He started on new moon day.

Objections - Q&A
This page tries to answer common objections.