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This page was last updated on 1 December, 2015.

Sowing and harvest dates of Biblical crops.

This page is far from ready and basically just a scratchpad

Sow and harvest dates of wheat

I’ll use secular sources to avoid religious bias. I’ll also list several regions to show that the exact location and weather doesn’t have a huge influence on sowing and harvesting times.

Winter wheat:
Sowing USA: mid-August trough October - Source
Sowing China: mid-September through October - Source

Harvest USA: mid-May to mid-September - Source
Harvest China: mid-May trough June - Source

Spring wheat:
Sowing USA: April trough May - Source
Sowing China: mid-March through April - Source

Harvest USA: mid-August to mid-September - Source
Harvest China: mid-July to mid-August - Source