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This page was last updated on 22 June, 2016.
God’s dateline

Man’s dateline is fixed and cause God’s holy days to be celebrated on different dates depending where on earth you live. Not so for God’s dateline…


"the molad is defined as `the moment in which sun and moon, in their uniform motion, become conjoined in a certain part of the sky, which occurs in the same way everywhere - in contrast to the varying times at which the new crescent first becomes visible - in different areas'."
Maimonides - "Sanctification of the New Moon", Book Three, Treatise 8, page 89, chapter 6. 1200 AD

The dateline of God is at another place on earth every month. The theory behind finding God’s dateline is easy; The place on earth where dawn starts on the exact moment of conjunction is the date line.

However, it must be admitted, complex computer calculations needed to determine the very exact date line. Impossible for ancients and it’s not observing.

For most people on earth it’s no issue because they live up to 24 hours from that date line. But when that date line is very close to you, the accuracy of calculating observing conjunction and dawn introduces an amount of uncertainty. That means a small group of people will keep the wrong date for a whole months until the next conjunction. Luckily God looks at the motives of the heart. (Jer 17:10, 1 Sam 16:7)

The dateline can have strange effects. Let’s assume dawn at conjunction starts a few yards past your neighbors house on your lawn. Until the next conjunction you are almost 24 hours, almost a full calendar day, ahead of your neighbor. In other words when it’s the seventh on your calendar it’s still the sixth on your neighbor’s calendar. Even Sabbath celebration will be one day apart….

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