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Bits and pieces

Last update 11 March, 2018

The Seven Salems

This is one of those topics that requires truckload of ever expanding study. Unfortunately I have no time for that so I just share what I found so far.

Jerusalem means teaching of peace.

21 August, 2017 a solar eclipse

21 August, 2017 a solar eclipse moved over the USA. Nothing special, it happens quite often. But this one had several noteworthy things:

The eclipse in Salem OR, starts when the sun sets in Jerusalem.



The path of the eclipse passes over 6 Salems in 14 states

6 = Man

14 = Deliverance

Salem = Peace

Yeah, I’m fully aware this playing with numbers to make it fit. I like numbers so I can’t resist the urge to play number games :-)

There are 7 instead of 6 Salems, but we could ignore the KY Salem because it’s crossed by the second eclipse (see below)

If so: Peace the Delivernace of Man

Jesus is the High Priest in the order or Melchizedek. Melchizedek was the king of Salam. Jesus is the King of Peace.

8 April 2024, solar eclipse

Next solar eclipse:


The alternative crossing location is click here. Salem rd, Nakanda, IL.

That’s about 11 miles south of Carbondale, IL.

Carbondale is an interesting word.