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Version 1.12

  • Added
      • Updated old links and added new formats including eSword
      • Hell is a Christian hoax
      • Raising hell
      • The Larger Hope
      • The Salvation Conspiracy: How Hell Became Eternal
      • Three books by Hannah W. Smith

Version 1.13

Version 1.14

Version 1.15

Version 1.16


A man died and sees a shining city in the distance.
As he nears the city he sees Jesus sitting by the gate.
Jesus explains him that the rules for entering heaven are very simple.
Jesus: Every good deed you did during your life will be rewarded with a certain amount of points.
Jesus: If you score 100 points you can enter.
Man: I never committed adultery.
Jesus: Good! 3 points.
Man: I always helped those in need.
Jesus: Excellent! 5 points.
Man: I went to church every week.
Jesus: Nice. 1 point.

Jesus notices the man starts to look very sad and asks: "Why do you look so sad?"
Man: I just told you about every good deed I did and only scored 9 points.
Jesus: Yes, and?
Man: I'm 91 points short. How can I ever enter... by the grace of God?

Jesus jumps up and shouts "91 points !"

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