The big picure of Chistian Universal Salvation


1 Corinthians 15
23 and each in his proper order, a first-fruit Christ, afterwards those who are the Christ's, in his presence,
24 then -- the end, when he may deliver up the reign to God, even the Father, when he may have made useless all rule, and all authority and power --

The Three Harvests: Barley, Wheat, and Grapes
The Barley Harvest represents the first part of God's harvest. Those in this first harvest are referred to in Scripture as "overcomers". The gathering in of the nations is actually a result of the Barley Harvest. It is in and through the manifestation of the sons of God that all nations will come to know the Lord and serve Him. These overcomers shall come forth in the first resurrection to rule and reign on the earth under the leadership of the Lord Jesus Christ!
The Wheat Harvest represents "the church in general". It speaks of those who were justified by faith, but either did not go through or submit to the sanctification process of the Lord. They are believers, but are in need of further correction in order to be fully sanctified and put on the divine nature and character of their Heavenly Father. There still remains iniquity (lawlessness) in their lives that must be purged by the fire (the fiery law) of God. Those who are part of the Wheat Harvest shall be brought forth in the second resurrection to be saved "yet so as through fire" (1 Cor. 3:15).
The Grape Harvest represents "the unbelievers". It speaks of those who have neither been justified nor sanctified. They shall go through God's wrath, judgment, and the lake of fire for the purpose of correction.


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