Creation's Jubilee
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Chapter 1: The Millennium Question

Chapter 2: The Sun of Righteousness, or the Fire of God

Chapter 3: The Lake of Fire, or the Molten Sea

Chapter 4: Does God Punish Endlessly?

Chapter 5: The Restoration of All Things

Chapter 6: The Three Resurrections Are God's Three Harvest-Festivals

Chapter 7: The Law of Jubilee

Chapter 8: The Two Covenants

Chapter 9: The Effects of Adam's Sin on Man's Nature

Chapter 10: The Restoration of All Nations

Chapter 11: Predestination and Election

Chapter 12: The Sovereignty of God

Chapter 13: The Tension in Creation

Appendix 1: Augustine's Argument on Duration of Punishment, The City of God, XXI, xi

Appendix 2: The Return of the Holy Spirit

Appendix 3: Gregory of Nyassa (335-394 AD) - Sermon on 1 Corinthians 15:28

Appendix 4: From the Introduction to Book XXI of - Augustine's The City of God

Appendix 5 The Rich Man and Lazarus

Appendix 6: Other Scholars Define Aionion and Olam

Appendix 7: Poem: A Word to the Elect

Appendix 8: Poem: The Redeemer

Appendix 9: Testimony of Hannah Whitall Smith



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