A Gift for the Body of Christ

John Van Tuyl

Salted with fire


Jesus said in:
Mar 9:49 For everyone will be (salted with fire,) and every sacrifice will be (salted with salt.) Translation: For everyone will be (-----Purified-----) and every sacrifice will be (---Preserved----) And then we have this testimony from John the Baptist.
Mat 3:11-12 I indeed baptize you in water to repentance; but He who is coming after me is stronger than me, of whom I am not able to lift the sandals. He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit and fire, whose fan is in His hand, and He will cleanse His floor and will gather His wheat into the storehouse. But He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.
Now if these verses are read with a traditional religious mindset, we will find ourselves easily slipping into an Us vs. Themmentality, but for the purpose of this study we will confine our attention to our Father‘s dealings with the wheat and the chaff within the intricacies of our own souls. Please note that in the preceding verse the word “unquenchable” does not mean “eternal” and merely denotes the nature of the fire as being beyond your ability to extinguish it. The fire shall burn until it has accomplished the purpose for which it was sent, namely the total consumption, or the complete destruction of every “unregenerate aspect” of the first creation, that the new creation might be revealed in all of Father’s out-raying Glory as He shines forth in His S on’s body of many members.
Rev 2:11 Let all who have ears give heed to what the Spirit is saying to the Churches. He who overcomes shall be in no way hurt by the Second Death.
Ok, so just what relationship does the Lake of Fire (second death) have with the Overcomer?
First of all I do not view Rev. 2:11 as a superfluous statement. The surface implication of this verse is that in spite of the Overcomer’s exposure to the Lake of Fire he shall not be hurt. But I believe there is something deeper to be seen here.

A Flaming Fire

It is my belief that the reason the Lake of Fire has no effect upon the Overcomer is because he has become completely one with the fire. This select body of people, referred to as the Overcomers, actually constitute the Lake, just as the greater body of people are referred to in total as “the Sea of Humanity”. These have had the purifying effect of the fire completely worked through every aspect of their being and have entered into the 100-fold realm of the fullness of atonem ent. I and the Father are become one in purpose, but also in the exercise of His authority: “SONSHIP” (which is not gender specific). This exercise becomes evident when and if you ponder the real implications of John 17, while keeping in mind that “our God is a consuming fire”.
Psa 104:4 States that “He makes His angels (messengers) spirits, His ministers a flaming fire.”

A single overcoming Son of God can be considered a Holy Flame of Living Fire, but if you take into account all of the Overcomers together, they constitute a great lake of fire.
1Tim 4:10 clearly defines the Overcomer’s purpose in the plans of God: …it is for this we labor and strive, because we have fixed our hope on the living God, who is the Savior of all men, especially of believers.
Especially? Ok, so how does He save those that have not come to believe?
Rev 20:12-15 And I saw the dead, the small and the great, standing before God. And books were opened. And another Book was opened, which is the Book of Life. And the dead were judged out of the things written in the books, according to their works. And the sea gave up the dead in it. And death and hell gave up the dead in them. And they were each judged according to their works. And death and hell were thrown into the Lake of Fire. This is the second death. And if anyone was not found having been written in the Book of Life, he was thrown into the Lake of Fire.
“Death and hell” (Literally “Death and the grave”) and all those who have proven by the character of their works to be void of Life, are passionately consumed in God’s Holy Fire of Living Energy. Death may go in, but only Life can come out. This process continues until every single aspect of the realm of death is swallowed up in the glorious victory of Christ!
Cor 15:28 When all things are subjected to Him, then the Son Himself also will be subjected to the One who subjected all things to Him, so that God may be all in all.
Yet, all of this begs the question, just what aspect of us can die even after we die? (ie: “Second death”?)
In the culture of the first century, when the scroll “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” was penned by the apostle John, both “fire and brimstone” (fire and sulphur) were commonly known by everyday folk as agents of purification. And so this ancient “IDIOM”, a “Lake burning with Fire and Brimstone”, would be readily and only interpreted as a Lake of Purification. Alchemists would later evolve these ideas of purification into the belief that base metals could be changed into gold through the application of fire and brimstone.
To those in the “Christian Community” of this era, the concept of eternal torment, as it is preached today, would be so foreign that they wouldn’t even know what you were talking about.
Were I to say something like, “I smell a rat” or “We're on a wild-goose chase”, my meaning would be readily understood by those who have grown up in American culture. But to a foreigner, these same IDIOMS are totally baffling. Anyone who has grown up isolated from our culture is at a total loss for understanding this type of speech. The reason for this is that they have no choice other than to take the words literally. They simply have no frame of reference for the subtle pictures that are being painted beyond the words.
Our modern western culture is isolated from the pen of the Apostle John by 1900 years and also by language barriers and foreign cultural idioms. Not to mention the fact that the book of Revelation
declares itself right from the gate, to be a book of signs and symbols. Truly apart from the Mind of
Christ, we have no frame of reference to understand the beautiful pictures that have been painted for us.
Rev 1:3 Blessed is he who reads and blessed are those who listen to the words of this prophecy and lay to heart what is written in it; for the time for its fulfillment is now close at hand.
The natural mind is responsible for many distortions of truth that have found their way into organized religion. Even to this day, the grotesque falsehood known as eternal damnation has been associated with these verses about the Lake of Fire. But these ideas wouldn’t come into Christianity until much later. In
312 AD Emperor Constantine would march his pagan armies under the sign of the cross and would “christianize” them en mass. In 313 AD Christianity, which up to that time had been an outlawed religion, became officially sanctioned by the State. And although this would stimulate a great influx of people into the ranks of the Church, it is these that would bring their pagan concepts of the underworld into Christianity (ie: Orcus, Erebus, Tartarus, and Infernus or Inferna, whence comes our expression "infernal regions"). This blurring of lines of demarcation between Pagan and Christian would continue under an atmosphere of tolerance for ideas in a bid to unify a fragmenting Roman Empire.
Lo and behold, Constantine’s ecumenical ploy worked. The Holy Roman Empire (a recipe for abuse ) was
born. And thus, they had a form of godliness, but by denying the saving power, the light began to go out. And so the downward slide into the Dark Ages would begin. In many ways, thus far, the Reformation has taken but half a step into the Light.
These fascinating subjects are worthy of study in themselves, and I earnestly pray that this serves to stir up your pure minds to thoroughly search these things out.
But our primary purpose here is to see just how, in this life, that the Fire of God (the Glory of His

Presence) is consuming all that offends in the soulish realm of our m akeup.

The soul of man is an extremely precious commodity in the sight of God. Our Father paid an awesome price for the full redemption of every man’s spirit, soul and body.
2Cor 5:19 Says that … God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and He has committed to us the word of reconciliation.

Good News

The “GOOD NEWS” we have been commissioned to “proclaim” is that no man, from Adam till the close of time, will ever have to pay a debt that has already been paid on his behalf! And yet, a dysfunctional wonder known as organized religion has imagined and sells to the masses a god that somehow has changed his mind, and “IS” once again counting the world’s trespasses against them. Only now to send them to some fabled Hellhole. And they have forgotten that it was their own minds that long ago concocted this ghoulish fiction. Unscrupulous, power hungry church leaders, capitalizing on the latent seeds of Pagan thought, used tactics such as this to scare spiritually young children into obedience. This doctrine was developed solely by carnal minds to control the masses through terror!

But the external motivation of fear can never hold a candle to the internal motivation of love. Only love creates a genuine and overwhelming desire to do our Father’s will. For it is solely the Goodness of God that leads anyone to true and lasting repentance.


A lie can never become truth, even if it were to enjoy universal acceptance!

It seems that the Spirit would have me beat this drum loudly, because this is a travesty of monumental proportions! Correcting the sacrosanct lie known, as the doctrine of HELL is crucial to the spiritual well being of every person on this planet!
Jesus instructed His followers “if you do not forgive men their transgressions neither will your Father forgive you your transgressions”. And yet contained here in this accusatory doctrine of demons, is the demand that every last farthing be paid by the people of this world: nothing is forgiven, the world is held fully accountable. This damnable doctrine is literally holding the world hostage to fear and degradation, all the while good people, who are called by God’s Name, are totally asleep to their privilege, right and responsibility to loose these captives, by canceling the consciousness of their debt!
Joh 20:23 If you remit the sins of any persons, they remain remitted to them. If you bind fast the sins of any, they remain bound."
And so the world continues on its downward spiral of increasing Guilt and Shame! Hatred, Fear, and
Wars are not born from an atmosphere of Love and Light!
The apostle Paul made a very revealing statement in 2Cor 5: 16
He said, “…from now on we recognize no one according to the flesh”.
The ability to see past the world’s sinful flesh to the finished work of Christ is an absolute impossibility for those who peddle the doctrine of HELL. And thus they recognize the entire world according to the flesh! By doing so they are unwittingly bearing false witness against their neighbor! They magnify the Mote in their brother’s eye while they are oblivious to the Beam in their own!
But alas, there is a remnant—some of which are in the Earth and some have passed into the Cloud of Witnesses. These have not bowed the knee to the Baal of false religious dogma. And internally they have overcome all need to exact payment for the pain in the world. Joyfully these have come into unity with the forgiving heart of God. They are one in purpose, authority, love and forgiveness.
The best definition of a biblical remnant that I have ever heard is: A person or persons who fulfill God’s purpose, on behalf of the whole, when the whole either cannot or will not fulfill it. This definition would make our Lord the ultimate remnant! Who, while being yet in agony, looked out upon history’s teeming slaves of sin, and prayed from the cross “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing”. (In other words they are unconscious.)
Today our Lord has a Body of people that have grown up, and continue to grow up into conscious agreement with their Head. A Body that across the pages of time, has been called out of man’s religious systems. An Ekklesia of Overcoming Sons who, when moved by the hand of the Lord, shall fulfill their

Father’s purpose on behalf of the WHOLE WORLD! This glorious manifestation of our Father’s love will set ALL of creation FREE!


The book of Revelation describes the organized systems of man as the seductive and beautifully arrayed “Babylon the Great”, which is a three-fold hegemony of man’s Financial, Political and Religious systems. Systems, which by all appearance, look very good and honorable on the surface, but their true nature is all manner of abomination (lies and confusion).
Rev 18:4 I heard another voice from heaven, saying, "Come out of her, my people, so that you will not participate in her sins and receive of her plagues”. (Father can spank hard!)
The truth is “The Earth is the Lord’s and everyth ing in it”. Not Guilty, Paid in Full, is stamped upon all of it! The only question is, what draconian measures will it take for our Father to bring ALL into agreement?
The free gift of every man’s redemption is already a fully accomplished (finished) fact! It was accomplished at Calvary 2000 years ago. The entire Adamic race died on the cross in Jesus as the last Adam gave up his spirit. A new will and testament was written in His blood that guarantees life and peace and which supercedes our old inheritance of death and decay!
Unfortunately the heirs of this will and testament are incommunicado with the executor of the estate. But even this sorry state of affairs can never disqualify any of them for the benefit of the gift.
Rom 11:29 for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.
Now it is absolutely true that they cannot enjoy any benefit until they actually receive the free gift of His
Work. For some this will happen in this age, but for others it will not happen until the next.
1Pet 3:19-20 …He (Jesus) went and made proclamation to the spirits now in prison, who once were disobedient, when the patience of God kept waiting in the days of Noah, during the construction of the ark, in which a few, that is, eight persons, were brought safely through the water.
These verses clearly fly in the face of the extra biblical nonsense that salvation is only available in this
Earthly Realm.


Jesus said that only the attributing of the work of the Holy Spirit to the Adversary (Blasphemy) would not be forgiven in the age to come. Everything else being completely covered at this time by what was about to take place at Calvary! This is why He is called the “Savior of all men,” but “especially of those who believe”.
1Cor 15:22 For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all will be made alive.

The truth expressed in this verse is presented to us as a mathematical equation.

(“so also” is the equivalent of a verbal = sign)

For as in Adam 100% die, “so also” in Christ 100% shall be made alive.

1Cor 15:23 But each in his own order: Christ the first fruits, after that those who are Christ's at His coming,
1Cor 15:24 then comes the end, when He hands over the kingdom to the God and Father, when He has abolished all rule and all authority and power.

Each in his own order:


Christ the First fruits


Barley Harvest


those who are Christ’s at His coming


Wheat Harvest


then comes the end (Final or last order)


Wine and Oil Harvest

Rev 14:14 Then I looked, and a white cloud appeared, and sitting on the cloud was some One resembling the Son of Man, having a wreath of gold upon His head and in His hand a sharp sickle.

The right to consciously walk in the inestimable blessing of our inheritance wasn’t even appropriated by us until the moment when we first perceived and accepted what was already done (We came to believe on Him who was sent). The instant we saw the magnitude of the love that had finished on our behalf what we could never do for ourselves, our soul spontaneously responded and confessed that Jesus Christ is Lord. (One day every knee is destined to see these wondrous truths and spontaneously bow in adoration.)

Rev 5:13 And every created thing which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all things in them , I heard saying, "To Him who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb, be blessing and honor and glory and dominion forever and ever."
In the moment of our confession our spirit realized its inheritance and was born from above. We were brought forth from an incorruptible realm of perfection. The joy of this experience is uniquely precious to each of us when the Flame of Gods Living Spirit ignited our spirit and the chains of our darkness were consumed in the Fire of His Love.
Our illuminated spirits were seated in Christ in heavenly places, because Jesus being seated in our Spirit is Lord of Lords, the rightful Governor of His habitation “… we are bought with a price and we are not our own”!
When THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD stepped forth from an impotent tomb, he did so holding the title deed for the Earth of our Body, the Heavens of our Soul, and the Life of our Spirit.
1Jon 2:2 …and He is an atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.

Jesus said in:
Mark 8:34-37 …Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself and take his cross, and let him follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life, he shall lose it. But whoever shall lose his life for My sake and the gospel, that one shall save it. For what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? Or what shall a man give as an exchange for his soul?
Herein lies the answer to what aspect of us can die even after we die. And incidentally this also is why the Overcomer has nothing more to lose. ie: ”shall be in no way hurt by the Second Death” “…every sacrifice shall be salted with salt (preserved.)
Mat 10:28 "And do not fear those who kill the body, but cannot kill the soul; but rather fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in Gehenna”.
The word that has been translated “HELL” in most English translations of the Scriptures of this verse is the Hebrew proper noun “Gehenna”. Gehenna is an actual place in ancient Israel. "Gehenna" is the valley in the Old Testament called "ga ben Hinnom" or "the valley of the son of Hinnom,"
Gehenna was a place where worthless rubbish was burned up; it was Jerusalem’s city dump! So now just what was Jesus saying to us in Mathew 10:28?
Jesus was addressing man’s out of balance fear of man. Men have the tendency to give more respect to
man whom they can see, than to God whom they cannot see. In this verse Jesus is reminding them that the body is a temporary arrangement. That like the grass of the field is here today and tomorrow is burned in the oven. So don’t be overly concerned with what man can physically do to you. We see in this no big news flash that our bodies are destroyed. But what exactly is it about our soul that God considers to be worthless rubbish?

Only a transformed soul has the right to enter the City.

Rev 22:14 Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the Tree of Life, and may enter by the gates into the city.
The washing of one’s robe, or the renewing of one’s mind, or the putting off of the old man and putting on the new, all these refer in figurative language to the “conversion” or the “transformation” of the soul.


The conversion of the soul is a process that takes place over time as the consciousness or the awareness of the Mind of Christ is formed in us. And although there are times that this process can seem less than joyful, there will be other times when we will find a great deal of satisfaction in consciously cooperating with the Mind of His Spirit. But whether this road that we walk is smooth or rough, the Captain of our Salvation is having His way with us and in us, for “He is the author and the finisher of our faith”. But by the way, I should also add that the road is only as rough as we have unwittingly decided to make it. “It

is hard to kick against the goads.” And although it is true that one of the ways a person can learn to make good decisions is by sometimes making a whole series of bad ones, this perhaps is not the preferable path to take. Truthfully though, it is a path that we all seem to walk, to one degree or another. The real secret is in learning to be led exclusively by His Spirit while rejecting the capriciousness of our own personal opinions, attitudes, ideas and beliefs. Admittedly, learning to question the validity of our thoughts and feelings is something that doesn’t come easy for us. Casting down these cherished imaginings from the Heavens of our minds feels like we are dying. And indeed we are. In humility we are losing our life for His sake.

Our Freedom Was Bondage

At one time we freely walked according to the course of this world’s ordered arrangement. But now this has changed because what formerly was Body – Soul - Spirit has now become Spirit – Soul - Body. Formerly, our soul could happily follow the sensual dictates of the body. Because our spirit, being dead in trespasses and sins, could have no say in the matter, for the dead are non-responsive. Now however, we find the soul in a crisis because in our Regenerated Spirit dwells His Living and Active Spirit of Holiness. And because he that is joined to the Lord is one Spirit, shall it convict our personal little world of both sin and of righteousness.
I, burning in the midst of you, am mighty!


When you make Him Lord of your life you need to realize that He is Lord over all of your life, even over those areas where (in your own estimation) you fall short (sin). One instant He will use you as a vessel of honor and in the next you will discover yourself used as a vessel of dishonor. Humiliating? Maybe. Humbling? Absolutely! Get over it! These things are happening for our ultimate edification. It is all part of the shaping and molding process as He takes us into, through and out of various circumstances for His own purpose. These things are being accomplished in all of the Brethren as He works all things after the counsel of His own will.


A Foundat ion To Build Upon

It is my earnest conviction that one of the reasons that we wind up struggling in our growth and striving with our maker to the extent we do, is because we do not truly understand our own makeup. Without a foundational understanding of ourselves, the how and why of what we do seems to easily escape us. And this, dear ones, leaves us in the unproductive foggy realm of fear and doubt.

Over the years I have listened to countless sermons that have attempted to convey the concept of man having a “triune nature” consisting of spirit, soul and body. Sadly, I have found most lacking the depth of understanding that is needed to set people FREE.
Now that I have stretched my neck out somewhat, I pray that our Father would use me to bring forth something fresh and alive that will minister to our need and help to unveil our understanding. Father I thank you for this in Jesus Name.


If we, in wisdom, are ever to cooperate with the plan of God for our lives, and intelligently “lose our life" (submit to the fire) that we might find it” restored and in proper order, then of necessity, we are going to have to know a little something of the mechanics of what makes us what we are. So now in the order that I believe is from the sim ple and obvious to the more complex and subtle, I hopefully will be allowed to shed a little light on these subjects.


I believe all can agree that we have not only been given a beautiful, but a wonderfully fascinating universe to explore and enjoy. Happily we have also been given the perfect vehicle whereby we may, through experience, take in all the wonders of the world. The human body is our interface with the three-dimensional world around us. It is through our bodies that we are affected by our environment. We have been given five senses that indiscriminately soak up and take in whatever information to which they happen to be exposed. For example, my eyes sometimes see things that I would rather they not see. Also, just as unexpectedly at times, my breath can be taken from me by the sublime beauty of something such as a sunset. Again, our bodies are the interface through which we effect changes in the world. The body is the instrument whereby we may express ourselves, whether it is in speech or in action, such as work or possibly dance or even something such as this writing.
However, the body is perhaps not all that we take it to be. Undoubtedly, when you look in the mirror you identify with the image that you see as being who you are, but this cannot possibly be, because who you are is spirit and spirit cannot be seen. If the spirit is removed, the body, like a suit of clothes, will collapse in a heap revealing its true nature. No, when you look in the mirror you are looking at a “car,” a vehicle that you will trade in some day for a new one—one that will not fade away. Truly, as the Psalmist has said, “we are fearfully and wonderfully made.”
But there is one more point that I believe needs to be made. Our body is the Temple of the Living God. And God DOES NOT, and IS NOT, dwelling in an unholy temple! So take off your shoes (stop walking in your own strength) and sanctify the ground (That which you stand upon) in Holiness!


Now we will make a leap from the tangible to the intangible, from the physical aspects of our makeup to the nonphysical. I believe there is much misunderstanding, if not outright confusion concerning the difference between the spirit and the soul of man. That being said, there are a few simple and direct statements that I am going to make in regard to the spirit that I believe are based in Truth and not opinion, and as such will stand up under the scrutiny of self-exploration. In other words, when you look into yourself you will find these things to be so.
The first is that your spirit is the timeless (ageless) essence of who you are, it is the seat of your true identity, it is who you actually are. (Not necessarily whom you have come to accept yourself as.) The second is, that your spirit is the “knower” not the thinker. It is that part of you that knows things and it is fully aware that it knows that it knows! And the third is, your spirit witnesses everything you go through. It is the watcher, the observer. It is that aspect of your makeup that literally has the capacity to stand beside yourself, and, like an audience of one, silently witness the drama of this life, even while your mind, will and emotions are animating your body in the drama. It is that part of yourself to which Jesus gave the injunction “watch and pray that you do not enter into temptation”. It is also that part of ourselves that enables us to walk circumspectly with not only an awareness of our person, but also of how our bearing is affecting those around us. This is our Spirit Man, and irrespective of physical gender , this part of our triune makeup is masculine. (This is why “Sonship” is not gender specific: Gal 3:26-
28). And, conversely, our Soul is feminine, and once again, it is so irrespective of our physical gender .

This is why the Church is referred to in the feminine, because she is an assembly of called out souls.

For a fuller understanding of the makeup of our spirit, we need to realize that the Adversary was seated as a dictatorial authority over our DEGENERATE SPIRIT (Adam). We were slaves to sin. And so these aspects of our makeup were twisted to serve adverse ends, namely the subjection of the soul to the pain of frustration and futility. But because Our loving Father uses all things after the counsel o f His own will, this has only served to make us very, very hungry for the Bread of Life.
Rom 6:6 …”knowing this”, that our old man was crucified with Him, that the body of sin might be nullified, so that we no longer serve sin.
Rom 6:11 So also you count yourselves to be truly dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Jesus took our distorted Adamic spirit into DEATH and destroyed it on the cross never to rise again.
Then He recreated our spirit and raised it in newness of life in Christ.
So we need to add to our understanding that the Lord of Glory is now seated as the ruling authority in our REGENERATED SPIRIT (Which is Christ). And He has recreated these aspects of our makeup to serve His purposes in bringing many sons to Glory. (Bringing many sons into the Shechinah Fire of God).
Jesus, having forever perfected our Spirit in Christ, has now set His sight upon our Soul. It is now that we enter into the process of sanctification whereby our Soul is brought to the place where she expresses the MIND of CHRIST and mirrors perfectly all of the beauty, dignity and grace of her espoused husband.

Rom 7:3 -4 So then, if while her husband is living she is joined to another man, she shall be called an adulteress; but if her husband dies, she is free from the law, so that she is not an adulteress though she is joined to another man. Therefore, my brethren, you also were made to die to the Law through the body of Christ, so that you might be joined to another, to Him who was raised from the dead, in order that we might bear fruit for God. (This is not a reference to the nine fold Fruit of the Spirit, but rather to Spiritual Childbearing!)

Union ? The Two Shall Be One

Jesus used the concept of marriage to instruct on many occasions, and with good reason, for in the concept of marriage we have the reintegration of what was once separated. The “Marriage supper of the Lamb” is all about the reunification of man’s Mind, Will and Emotions with God’s Spirit. The SOUL is espoused to be wedded to the SPIRIT once again, now that her first husband (Adam) is dead. This perfect union, of a regenerated Spirit and a transformed Soul, will bring about the conception of the “Manchild” (Son), who when brought to birth (brought into manifestation), shall mean the Redemption of the Body. An Immortal Humanity, Spirit, Mind, and Body fully integrated as a Completely New Creation in the perfect image and likeness of GOD.

(But as for the one who says in their heart: “Why I just can’t conceive of such a thing”, well they Just swallowed a lie that is the equivalent of a birth control pill!)

Isa 66:7-9 Says
Before she travailed, she brought forth; before her pain came, she was delivered of a male child. Who hath heard such a thing? Who hath seen such things? shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children. Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the LORD: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb? saith thy God.
As the Soul yields to the Spirit in this affair of the Heart, the Spirit Man is granted the freedom to progress outward in an ever-greater visible manifestation, which is called “Walking in the Spirit”. As the submissive Soul yields to the mind of the Spirit and looks inward to Christ for her direction, she is transformed in the spirit of her mind (renewed). No longer leaning upon her own understanding, our soul finds her place at the feet of the Mind of Christ.
Jam 4:8 Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you...

Soul: Mind, Will & Emotions

I couldn’t begin to count the times I have heard the soul described as the mind, the will and the emotions, and yes, it is so. Yet to put such a simplistic label on a subject of such import without exploring the implications of just what this means, I find to be morally negligent and one dimensional. By doing this, this most intricately complex and beautiful part of our humanity is virtually reduced to a meaningless cliché.

OK! I’m off my soapbox… All that being said, in all fairness, this is a most difficult subject to write about, because these three parts of the soul (the mind will and emotions) are so closely integrated and interrelated that there is not much division between them. It may even be that these divisions are not a concrete reality, but are an artificially imposed definition for the sake of discussion. Clearly, our feelings influence our thinking, and whether or not the demands (will) of the ego are met, easily affects our emotions. I would ask the reader to keep these interrelationships (entanglements) in mind as we explore this aspect of our humanity. And I trust that our Father will show you even more that lies between and beyond the words.

The Mind of the Soul

“What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”. My, my, my, what a tangled mess I found my mind in, when shortly after an encounter with the King of Glory I began to look within. I’ve heard it said, “Man wants inward understanding, and yet he will not look within”. Truthfully, I think I would have run away myself, never to look back, were it not for the gentle and persistent urgings of my Savior, saying, “It’ll be alright, and it will be worth it. Fear not, I-Am with you, my child, I will help you”. And He faithfully has as each new twist and turn of my thoughts and memory were exposed to His light and I was unbound from various entanglements of emotion and illusionary belief systems. Self-deception is a mean one, for he who is deceived is the last one to know it.
Rom 12:2 Instructs us to
…not follow the customs of the present age, but be transformed by the entire renewal of your minds, so that you may learn by experience what God's will is--that will which is good and beautiful and perfect.
Our mind is like so much soft clay, for it retains impressions that have been pressed upon it. Things like our experiences and the emotions we have associated with each experience. And herein lies the rub.
Our mind, will and emotions, under the dictates of our domineering first husband, Adam, has taken a set. A “mind set” if you will. In fact many mind sets about many (all) things that it has been exposed to in its “infinitely grand” experience. The mind will take a set about something whenever it accepts that what it perceives is reality. (Whether it actually is or not is of little consequence.) Memories are literally pressed between the pages of our minds. Our experiences and the memory of how we have related to them, with all of their attendant emotional attachments (baggage), are part of what we have come to identify with as being who we are. May the Lord deliver us from our identification with our history. There is great freedom to be found when we come to the place where we can say in all humility, of my own self I can know nothing (as in the realization of not being qualified), and yet have, in humility, become comfortable with that knowledge. From this point on you will not take your mind in an overly serious manner, and so you will begin to breathe a sigh of relief.
Lord, I allow you to show me who I actually am. In your great mercy show me how to think and deal with who I have erroneously come to believe myself to be. Help me to cast down these images and come to see myself, as you would have me. Amen
The renewed mind is a powerful and disciplined tool.
The un-renewed mind is as a run-amuck self-absorbed fool.

All of us, and I do mean all of us, are in a process of renewal, and while it is true that some areas of our thinking have already been set in order, others are yet to be addressed. And the beauty of all this is—it is not our job to fix ourselves. Our Redeemer has a plan and purpose and an agenda, custom tailored to deal with every individual. He is in full control of our circumstances at all times, even when they look like they are out of control. It is in trying times like these that I have found the Lord showing me some previously hidden shortcoming in my thinking, or some skewed value judgment, or something that the circumstances brought to the forefront of my awareness, there to be dealt with in the light of His Glory.
A man can only turn from (repent of) that which he can see in himself. Whenever a man, whose heart has

been captured by the lover of his soul, sees something amiss in his personality, that man will not only turn from it immediately, but will do so effortlessly and in perfect peace!

Levels of Awareness

Now I will take the concept of man’s “triune nature” in a slightly different direction. There are three distinct levels of awareness within the mind of man: the conscious awareness, the preconscious awareness, and the subconscious awareness. The conscious awareness is that faculty which enables us to focus our attention on whatever task is at hand, and in turn allows us to bring our will to bear on the issue. Part of what enables us to accomplish this feat is our preconscious awareness. The best way to convey the nature of your preconscious awareness is in a demonstration. As you are reading this, you are aware of many things that you do not know that you are aware of. For instance, you are aware of the temperature in the room and whether or not you are comfortable. You are aware of whether the light level is adequate for reading. You are aware of whether there are noises in the room or perhaps filtering in from outside. If there are others in the room, you may be aware of what they are doing, and possibly even the mood they are doing it in. Now, as I have in turn, brought your attention to each of these things they were raised from the preconscious to conscious awareness as the focus of your attention was placed there. Much of our mind runs on autopilot, and it is a blessing for this frees us to concentrate. The third area of our awareness is the subconscious, and it can be considered both a blessing and a curse (amoral).
Pro 4:20-25 My son, pay attention to my words; stretch your ear to what I say; let them not depart from your eyes; keep them in the center of your heart; for they are life to those who find them, and healing to all his flesh. Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life. Turn away from you the crooked mouth, and put perverse lips far from you. Let your eyes look straight ahead, and let your eyelids look straight before you.
“Pay attention to my words…keep them in the center of your heart…” “Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life.”
“A good man, out of the good treasure of the heart, bringeth forth good things: and an evil man, out of
the evil treasure, bringeth forth evil things.”
“Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”
When the Bible speaks about the “heart” it is not talking about the blood pump in your chest. It is being descriptive, as in nature: the heartwood of a tree is the core of the tree. And the heart of man is the core of his mind, the subconscious.

Issues of Life and Death

The subconscious mind is much like a black hole, things go in but they don’t come out. Well, at least not in ways that we are aware of, until after the fact. And hence this part of the mind is seemingly shrouded in a certain amount of “mystery”. We always shroud things in mystery that our conscious rational mind can’t quite quantify, and then pigeonhole into a finite space. The subconscious mind can be looked at like a vast library: a colossal depository, larger and more complex by far than you are able to even begin to imagine. Contained in it is every experience you have ever had, every emotion you have ever felt, every word you’ve ever spoken, every sight your eyes have ever taken in, every thought and imagination you’ve ever entertained - a memory of all the sights, smells and sounds of our day-to-day interactions with our culture. Contained there is a complete record of every nuance of our lives: all attitudes, resentments, fears, faiths and the real roots of our belief systems.
Now before I give the impression that the subconscious mind is merely a sack into which all things are dumped, there are some aspects of this part of our makeup that needs to be brought out. Ever notice
you can go to sleep at night with some problem or unresolved issue, only to awaken in the morning with the solution? The subconscious part of our mind never sleeps. While our conscious and preconscious awareness shuts down for the night, the subconscious, utilizing its vast resources, continues to work on solutions to whatever issues are paramount. By far, the greatest part of our mental activity takes place in the subconscious. Whereas the conscious mind reasons inductively (that is it gathers facts and then reasons upward toward a conclusion based upon those facts), the subconscious mind reasons deductively. It begins with the conclusion, and like Sherlock Holmes, continues to fill in the pieces until the entire picture is apprehended. It is this capacity that enables the subconscious mind to operate in PERFECT FAITH, for it finishes its understanding and then begins it. For instance, when the Truth of the implications of God’s word concerning the “incorruptibility” of His seed, which was planted in me, got down into my heart (subconscious mind), it obliterated all doubt and fear about not being preserved blameless at His
appearing. For an “incorruptible” seed must, of necessity by nature, bring forth a perfect crop unto harvest. This same capacity of our subconscious can be, and has been, turned inside out, and the results are highly irrational FEARS based largely in imaginings. The reason that this is so powerful is that the subconscious does not have the capacity to differentiate between what is real and what is imaginary, but rather accepts both without question as being equally valid. Much like a small child accepts without question “her reality” of Santa Claus. Perfect faith brings forth perfect trust, and thus we enter into creative belief.
Mat 18:2-5 And having called forward a little child, Jesus set him in their midst. And He said, Truly I say to you, Unless you convert and become as the little children, not at all can you enter into the kingdom of Heaven. Then whoever will humble himself as this little child, this one is the greater in the kingdom of Heaven. And whoever will receive one such little child in My name receives Me.
Now imagine a five year old with virtually unlimited creative/destructive potential and you will begin to get the picture why our subconscious mind needs transformation.


Programmers in the software industry have come up with this little gem, (GIGO) which stands for
“garbage in - garbage out”. The thought being, whatever errors or mistakes a programmer makes in

writing the software’s code will later show up as glitches, bugs, or errata of one form or another. The subconscious mind has much in common with this principle, and we should be aware that we are to a large extent being force-fed much garbage by our culture, religion, advertising, the movie industry, video games, and such like. Not to mention how we ourselves participate in things like gossip and backbiting which influences how we perceive one another, and poisons our minds and relationships.
So, what are we to do about all of this? Well, contained within the word of God are instructions, which constitute an antidote for the toxic nature of our age. And we would do well to meditate on the implications of each word of this passage.
Phi 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever wins respect, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovable, whatever is of good repute--if there is any virtue or anything deemed worthy of praise--cherish the thought of these things.

When you intentionally refocus your understanding of who you are in Christ and who Christ is in you, you effectively dilute this poison!!!

All the World’s Hate becomes but a drop in an Infinite Ocean of Love.

I AM healthy, hopeful, and optimistic, I AM vigorous, relaxed, and accepted, I AM trusting, participative, and open minded, I AM sensitive, creative, and purposeful, I AM generous, ethical, and loveable, I AM loyal, considerate, and trustworthy, I AM genuine, tender, and caring I AM alert, aware, and responsible, I AM capable, resourceful, and wise, And I AM concerned about others.
As we, willingly align in this manner, because we have come to see that it is the only wise “WAY” to walk, our eye will become singularly fixed on things above. Our whole body will be filled with light and we will begin to resonate with the heart and mind of God. Complete victory over the World, the Flesh and the Devil is not only possible, but is the very purpose for Life in Christ.
The Lord shall have a people that will, to the praise of His Glory, Walk as His total Victory. And it will be to the utter consternation of the Scoffers and Naysayers as they gnash their teeth in the realization of how they have been robbed by their favorite religious notions!
Rev 12:11 And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb, and because of the Word of their testimony. And they did not love their soul even until death.
“And they did not love their soul even until death.” “ If any man will come after me let him take up his cross and follow me.” Ever notice that the place that Jesus crucified His likeness of sinful flesh was called Golgotha and means “the place of the skull”… This is all about the mind friends. (Remember that He said;” no man takes my life” “I have been given power to lay it down and take it up again”.) We also have power to lay down our life and preserve it or take it up again to life eternal! And once again, this IS about the Mind!

Rom 12:1 I plead with you therefore, brethren, by the compassions of God, to present all your faculties to Him as a living and holy sacrifice acceptable to Him. This with you will be an act of reasonable worship.

Past Present Future

Mat 27:38 At the same time two robbers were crucified with Him, one at His right hand and the other at
His left.
Mat 27:44 Insults of the same kind were heaped on Him even by the robbers who were being crucified
with Him.
Luk 23:39-40 Now one of the criminals who had been crucified insulted Him, saying,
"Are not you the Christ? Save yourself and us." But the other, answering, reproved him… Luk 23:42-43 And he said, "Jesus, remember me when you come in your Kingdom."
"I tell you in solemn truth," replied Jesus, "that this very day you shall be with me in Paradise."
If I may brush aside all of the bony Pharisaical finger pointing that consigns one of these poor men to
“HELL” and one to “HEAVEN”, let us now look at the essence of what was being presented here.
Jesus is lifted up between two robbers one on His right and one on His left. Both of these men are suffering in a highly agitated state. And in an incoherent outcry of pain they are both verbally striking out and hurling insults along with the crowd. Suddenly one of the robbers through the fog of all this pain begins to remember the man who fed five thousand, the man who calmed the sea, who cleanses lepers and raised the dead. And he begins to spy a hope and thinks to himself. Since you, are the man who has been and has done all of these marvelous things in the PAST, you can save us! And so he said, "Are not you the Christ? Save yourself and us." But the other more self-centered robber spied a different hope and so reproved the former and said "Jesus, remember me when you come in your Kingdom." The implication being, that since you are the man of importance that you are going to be in the FUTURE, remember me, the one who had the good sense to see that you were dying unjustly! (Perhaps, religious pride that he wasn’t made like this other sinner?)
And frankly Jesus said to them both; "I tell you in solemn truth," "that THIS VERY DAY (Presently) you shall be with me in Paradise."
Our mind has two robbers and they are both capable of stealing not only our peace and rest but our opportunities for growth as well. By not releasing our pain and the involvement with our personal PAST, and/or by projecting a vicarious life into an imagined FUTURE, the self-preserving tactics of the carnal mind robs us blind. Because the only way that we can lay down our life is to stay centered in the PRESENT! “TO-DAY, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts.” The Realization of our Salvation is only to be found through a presence of mind in the nitty-gritty mean and nasty here and now. …grin… Actually the Present Moment can be neither good nor bad, it just IS. However, if we allow our mind to evaluate and label the Present, we may be tempted to escape into the memories of the past or our imagination of the future. And by doing this we trade our birthright for a warm pot of illusion!

The Secular and the Sacred

I have often felt that the psychologists have had a field day toying with a plethora of ideas to see who could get the best handle on man’s problem. And truthfully they’ve made some remarkable observations. Yet, they remain relatively clueless as to what the answer is. And on the other hand, the religionists have toyed with seeing who could get the best grip on the answer. And they remain largely ignorant of the nature of man’s problem.
All religions are a contrivance of the natural mind that men are ruled by. The differences that are seen in the various religions of the world come from the rational mind of man. Each culture in attempting to get a grip on the intangible nature of the one and only Deity has in turn come up with their own ethnic recipe. But don’t get me wrong here; religion has served our Father’s purposes well. Minds that are not perfectly governed by the Spirit of Truth are in need of an outward form of governance. Religion has served to moderate the world’s tendency to spin out of control into anarchy and total chaos. It has put the brakes on just enough for culture and government to flourish in the human experience.
In actuality God transcends all religion, and is seeking to reveal a dynamic living relationship with ALL of mankind. Ironically the largest impediment to this revelation is religion itself. Religion is essentially an intellectual pursuit, and as such, it will never be the basis upon which God relates to the spiritual nature of mankind. The religious mind essentially sits on the sidelines and in his aloof independence he analyzes God. And so, very much like a frog pinned down in biology class, he then dissects GOD while maintaining his illusion of isolated separateness. Next he assembles his findings into a system known as theology. And it is through theology that we do much violence to our potential relationship with our Father!
If I may point out; there is something intrinsically wrong with the finite mind attempting to define the limits of an infinite God. Unfortunately, man’s misguided efforts appear to succeed, at least in his own limited understanding, and then a new religion or sect is born.
In Truth every religion on the face of this planet has attempted to reverse engineer God, using the only reference point that he has, that being what he knows of himself.
And so we have more often than not created a God in our own flawed image. (I can’t see the forest. There seems to be all these gull-dern trees in the way.)

Two Minds, Two Trees

Sometimes to better understand where we are, it is helpful to revisit where we have been. And with a few simple keystrokes we find ourselves standing in the midst of the Garden of Eden. To the right of us is the Tree of Life and to our immediate left is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Oh the choices, choices, choices. To partake of either tree is to draw our sustenance from that source.
When I eat from the tree of Life, I find Life effortlessly springing forth from my being. I have peace like a river flowing forth to me, and out from me to the world. My life simply unfolds before me without taking any more thought than breathing. I am free and at home in the quiet dignity of my being. I am at

one with my maker. I am continually aware of His mind and will in all things. I live in a world of super abounding, endless supply, for my Daddy owns it all, and He, in every way, has become my all in all.

Before going on, allow me to interject this: the promises to the Overcomer are not just some “pie in the sky.” They are present realities. We need these Divine enablements and ennoblements now in this life, while the battle rages. So the question is - Are we actively engaged in the process of overcoming ?

Now back to our trees. When I eat from the all-too-familiar tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil (Death on a Stick), immediately my rational reasoning m ind springs into action for it has been put to task, figuring out just what is good and what is evil. And beside all of that, just how evil and how good, and is there something better? Endlessly weighing, and then assigning value, so I can label and categorize and put all my ducks in a row. All of this is needful to make informed decisions. These things are terribly important, oh don’t you know!? How else is a body to live, than by his own wit and wile? And by the way, I’m better at it then you are Bucko! Y’er not gittin’ one up on me!

The Will of the Soul

The carnal mind is enmity with God. Even on its bestest day, or on its goodest behavior, put it in it’s Sunday-go-to-meetin’ best, and it is still 100% antichrist. Organized religion for thousands of years has been trying to overcome evil with a carnal understanding of what is good, only to discover in the final analysis, that they both hang from the same tree. The word antichrist does not simply mean something clearly distinguishable as being opposite to Christ. Anti in this case means instead of, as in a counterfeit. It looks entirely acceptable, yet isn’t!
When we were born again we were born into a Kingdom, and the literal meaning of the word Kingdom is: the dominion of the King. It is the realm over which a King sovereignly rules by right and authority.
Luke 6:46-49 And why do you call Me Lord, Lord, and do not do what I say? Everyone coming to Me and hearing My Words, and doing them, I will show you to whom he is like: He is like a man building a house, who dug and deepened, and laid a foundation on the rock. And a flood having occurred, the stream burst against that house and could not shake it, for it had been founded on the rock. But he who heard and did not perform, he is like a man having built his house on the earth without a foundation, on which the stream burst, and it immediately fell; and the ruin of that house was great.
The reason “we” do not do what He says is because someone is still usurping His rightful authority as King. And they are willfully choosing to sit upon the throne within the Temple of the soul. This usurper is Antichrist. But you may be better acquainted with him under the title of Self. Now though, initially, most people find the idea of that so shocking that they recoil and simply reject it out of hand. Let us not be so hasty here.
This independently owned and operated identity, which prides itself on traveling to the beat of a different drummer, is the very aspect of our soul that God considers to be worthless rubbish! But it is not only worthless to Him, it is worthless to us as well! Hopefully by this time we are becoming mature enough to realize that a will operating independently of the wisdom of God’s Divine Order is the sole cause for all of our personal suffering, as well as that of the world!

The independent identity that we have clothed ourselves with up to this time is a lie of the first magnitude. The truth is we are, and always have been, totally dependent on the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. In fact, our every breath is an ongoing gift of God! But most people have spent a lifetime building “their life” around this lie of independence.
To date, our soul’s most creative, although dubious, accomplishment is the pseudo-life form known as the ego. Our mind created the person we’ve come to believe ourselves to be. And daily we have added to the content of how we have defined ourselves. Each of us is creating this mental construct, which embodies a concept of ourselves that it then labels “my life”. This is an illusion that is held together by a false belief. The lie of independence forces us to view life as an imagined possession, a conceptualized treasure that must then be guarded and protected. But life is never an object that can be possessed in this manner. Life is what we are! The very essence of our being is Life in expression! So my question to you would be who is this that is attempting to possess you? Things that make you go Hmmmmm.
The time has come to voluntarily shed the useless garment of independence and be consciously clothed in our right mind. Independence is not fireproof!
Rev 16:15 "Behold, I am coming like a thief. Blessed is the one who stays awake and keeps his clothes, so that he will not walk about naked and men will not see his shame."
Please note that independent identity and individual identity are two separate things. The word individual actually means undivided or whole. Our true identity in wholeness is only to be found in conscious union with our creator. Our Father dwells within each of us, yet for all the clamor of an unruly mind, most are only marginally aware of it. What most people have yet to find out is; they were created to be a unique expression of the infinite personality of God, who fills all things everywhere with Himself! So everything that we “think” we know about ourselves is a misperception and a misrepresentation of this greater reality. I believe it was our dear Brother Preston Eby who said, “Man was created to be a container of God and God intends on being our only content.” We do not know anything about satisfaction until we have found our true identity in the infinite being of our Father!
Psa 16:11 You will make Me know the way of life. In Your presence is fullness of joys; at Your right hand are pleasures forever.
The Fire of God will consume every last vestige of independence. But what actually is being destroyed here is the “notion” of independence, which is only an idea that has lodged itself in the alienated consciousness of man. This is a clean -up operation: as in the refining process you have the purging of the dross. Nothing of VALUE shall be lost, but we shall rather be, in every way, made whole and pure, a fully sanctified body of people. Praise ye the Lord!
Mal 3:1-3 Behold, I am sending My messenger, and He will clear the way before Me. And the Lord whom you are seeking shall suddenly come to His temple, even the Angel of the Covenant, in whom you delight. Behold, He comes, says Jehovah of Hosts. But who can endure the day of His coming? And who will stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner's fire and like fuller's soap. And He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; and He shall purify the sons of Levi and purge them like gold and like silver, that they may be presenters of a grain offering in righteousness to Jehovah.
And we shall then present the wheat of our souls, fully winnowed of the chaff of rebellion, and in absolute joy shall our will be perfectly unified with the will of the Lord. Amen

The Proper Use Of The Will

Human nature, being what it is, seems to make us vulnerable to being continually off balance. We all seem to have this tendency, that rather than compensate, we overcompensate whenever an imbalance is perceived. The net result of this is we are still out of balance, looking at the world from the opposite pole. And this is true in regard to this matter of the will. For instance, my wife realized that the effort that she was expending in trying to conform to some external code of conduct was a willful abstraction of the self. And while this was absolutely true, through reactionary thinking she overcompensated. Essentially she threw her hands up in an attitude of "if you want me to change Lord, you are going to have to do it.” Not realizing that this in itself is just as willful, albeit subtle.
Jesus said in:
Mat 7:21 "Not every one that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father who is in heaven.”
So we can see from this that the onus for the doing of “His Will” is still upon the believer. The problem comes from our own blindness of not recognizing the difference between doing our own will in Jesus name (which is a religious relationship) and doing the will of the Father (which is a spiritual relationship).
Nothing can ever be done by anyone at anytime outside of an exercise of his will. The Holy Spirit is the
Paraclete (the helper) not the doer.

The proper use of our will is in the setting of ourselves in agreement with the light Father has given.

But we need to realize that this is an alignment of heart and mind, and any outward action is only a natural response to that alignment. When we set ourselves in agreement with whatever level of truth has been revealed to us, it places us into a relationship that is not conflicted. Being in proper alignment to the TRUTH enables us to naturally walk it out in the WAY that we relate to the world at large. This is what establishes the Truth in our LIFE as a present reality. "Voila!" We have GROWTH... And no religious effort or striving was required!

A growing branch is the only evidence there is of abiding in the supply of the Vine.

And it is this restful abiding that is the sum and substance of the Father’s Will.

The Emotions of the Soul

Oh the highs, oh the lows, oh the thrills and frightful chills, first this way, then that way, over and around, upside-down now, as we fly through the triple loop. Everyone loves a roller coaster. Well, most everyone. It certainly isn’t boring. One might even say it is exhilarating, as it brings up out of the well of our emotions things like apprehension, anticipation, anxiety, joyous rapture in some, sheer terror in others, in a word “FUN”. There is a multi-billion dollar industry out there that exists solely to cater to the needs of emotional junkies. You know, like “me and you”…

“Vanity, vanity, says the preacher.”

Actually, a roller coaster serves as a fairly good analogy for our emotional life in the quote “real world” including the addictive nature of man. For whether it exhibits its behavior in fast cars, fast women, alcohol, drugs, music, sports, work, gambling, violence, sex, ad-infinitum, what you will find that drives each of these addictions, when you dig deep enough, is some emotionally-backed demand that dictates their lives. People do these things because of how it makes them feel for a short time. Our prisons are full of people that committed crimes simply because they felt like it. Charting one’s life by one’s feelings makes for a very poor compass indeed. In spite of what our culture would enjoin on you, with “If it feels good do it.” Our emotions are very powerful thought forms that have the capacity to elicit abodily response or “feeling”. Our emotions trigger complex physiological changes in the chemistry of the body and in a feedback loop we experience ourselves moved in one direction or another by these feelings.
The emotional nature of our soul is an absolutely wonderful part of our being. It is the frosting on the cake. The ability to feel emotion has the capacity to make man vulnerable, or as strong as a lion, depending upon the man and/or the circumstances. Our emotional makeup is probably the most uniquely individual aspect of our personhood for it flavors how we perceive the world about us, and influences our personality. Every person has a unique “emotional fingerprint” composed of various strengths and weaknesses, sensitivities to one thing or another. Our God is a God of variety, and if you doubt this for an instant, take a good long look into the ocean. When I see some of these creatures, I am forced to exclaim in wonder: What were you thinking Lord!?

Our Achilles Heel

Have you ever noticed that you don’t seem to be too well equipped to experience or cope with some of the emotions that you find flooding through your soul? It is because you were not designed to handle them. They were added so that you could experience the futility of your separated independent identity.
Rom 8:20 For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope
It was with great purpose that God the Father subjected the world to futility. And it shall not have been in vain. When in the restoration of all things, God, to the praise of His Glory, has a people who are “infinitely” wiser. The former things will not come to mind, but they will never be forgotten, any more than Jesus, the pattern Son, will forget the things He suffered.
Heb 2:10 For it became him, for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons to glory, to make the Captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings.
1Pe 4:12 Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened to you…
1Pet 4:19 Wherefore, let them that suffer according to the will of God, commit the keeping of their souls to him in well-doing, as to a faithful Creator.

2Co 4 :17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh out for us a far more exceeding and
eternal weight of glory;
1Pet 5:10 But the God of all grace, who hath called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, establish, strengthen, settle you.

Healing Balm

I don’t think that there is another aspect of my Humanity that I have so enjoyed having the healing touch of the Savior upon, as my emotional makeup. The pains, hurts, abrasions, and scars of this life have taken a toll upon all of us. Resentment for a world, who has so taken advantage, used and abused, and generally failed to appreciate or acknowledge us, to one degree or another, has poisoned our soul. The word resentment is compound in nature and comes from two Latin roots, re: to do again and sentos: to feel. So the word literally means to feel again and feel again and again and again and again. And each time our Soul gets a fresh dose of poison. This is not very conducive to spiritual growth, and hence we need to have the balm of Gilead applied by the great physician. Thank you Lord.
Resentment is a covert form of contempt. Overt contempt of someone or something is a conscious act that we are fully aware of. This causes us much pain as we work through whatever issues we have found ourselves feeling so intensely over. But many times, even after processing these feelings, and resolving to make, and even making a conscious effort to forgive, there are sometimes lingering secret resentments. The act of someone carelessly stomping on my toe might be forgiven outwardly. Yet unbeknownst to me I may harbor some feeling based in a value judgment about this individual, which influences my behavior toward them, and others in general. And so, the question of the hour becomes: do we have our emotions, or do they have us? It is my earnest desire to become a more loving person, and yet I find myself living in a world that seems to conspire against that desire.

Victory in Jesus

Oh yeah, I almost forgot I’m not alone. I have one who strengthens me. Whenever I acknowledge my weakness, and then rely upon His grace, I find that I am empowered to overlook offences. I’m freed to respond in love according to wisdom, and not react blindly according to the dictates of my emotional programming. The more we practice, practice, practice LOVE, the more balanced our emotional makeup will become.
Perfect Peace, Perfect Poise, Perfect Power manifest to a hurting world, desperate to see the genuine article in God’s children.

Amen and Amen.

The Conclusion of the Matter

He is coming to His Temple, and He, even now, is making preparations to fully cleanse His courts. This time it will not be with whips and overturned tables wherewith He drives out the worldly ways of man. But it shall rather be with the all-consuming Fire of His Glory.

The Gift of the Holy Spirit has been a rich blessing to man throughout the Church Age, and with all of our heart we thank Father for this, and yet there is a further aspect of this Gift, the Fire of righteous judgment whereby we shall be made pure and wholly undefiled without spot or wrinkle. And no longer shall we stand in an imputed righteousness but will have completely exchanged this legal arrangement for a righteousness that is actual and enduring, for the fullness of Christ will have been formed in us in fulfillment of Eph 4:13.
Eph 4:13 …until we all may come to the unity of the faith and of the full knowledge of the Son of God, to a full-grown man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ…
Our Lord said in:
Luke 12:49 I am come to send fire on the earth, and what will I, if it is already kindled? And our beloved brother Paul has instructed us in:
1Co 3:10 -15 According to the grace of God which was given to me, like a wise master builder I laid a foundation, and another is building on it. But each man must be careful how he builds on it. For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. Now if any man builds on the foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, each man's work will become evident; for the day will show it because it is to be revealed with fire, and the fire itself will test the quality of each man's work. If any man's work which he has built on it remains, he will receive a reward. If any man's work is burned up, he will suffer loss; but he himself will be saved, yet so as through fire.
I implore you Brethren, do not make the mistake of thinking that your work is something that occurs on the outside of you. It may be reflected in and upon the world around you but the work itself happens within!
And then we have this witness from our favorite impetuous fisherman.
2Pet 3:8-14 But let not this one thing be hidden from you, beloved, that one day with the Lord is "as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day." Psa. 90:4 The Lord of the promise is not slow, as some deem slowness, but is long-suffering toward us, not having purposed any to perish, but all to come to repentance. But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with rushing sound, and having burned the elements will be dissolved, and earth and the works in it will be burned up. Then all these being about to be dissolved, of what sort ought you to be in holy behavior and godliness, looking for and hastening the coming of the Day of God, through which the heavens having been set afire will be dissolved; and burning, the elements will melt?

But according to His promise, we look for "new heavens and a new earth," in which righteousness dwells. Isa. 65:17 Because of this, beloved, looking for these things, be diligent, spotless, and without blemish, to be found in peace by Him.

Even so, COME Lord Jesus. Dissolve our earthiness and melt these stony hearts that sit enthroned in the heavens of our soul.

It is my earnest prayer that you have found the truths contained in this writing to be of a benefit to the edification of the body. For in a love of both the “TRUTH” and His Brethren, have I written to you.
Go in peace and may the Lord richly bless you in an ever expanding awareness of the ways of the
For those who enjoy poetry
The poem on the following pages expresses
The heart of this small book.
John Van Tuyl


I did not know His Love before, the way I know it now.
I could not see my need for Him, my pride would not allow.
I had it all, without a care, the "Self-sufficient" lie.
My path was smooth, my sea was still, not a cloud was in my sky.
I thought I knew His Love for me, I thought I'd seen His Grace,
I thought I did not need to grow, I thought I'd found my place.
But then the way grew rough and dark, the storm clouds quickly rolled;
The waves began to rock my ship,
my anchor would not hold.
The ship that I had built myself was made of foolish pride. It fell apart and left me bare, with nowhere else to hide.
I had no strength or faith to face the trials that lay ahead,
And so I simply prayed to Him and bowed my weary head.
His Loving Arms enveloped me, and then
He Helped me stand.
He Said, "You still must face this storm, but I Will Hold your hand."
So through the dark and lonely night
He Guided me through pain.
I could not see the light of day or when
the storm might wane.
Yet through the aches and endless tears, my faith began to grow.
I could not see it at the time, but my light began to glow.
I saw God's Love in brand new light, His Grace and Mercy, too.
For only when all self was gone could
Jesus' Love Shine through.
It was not easy in the storm, I sometimes wondered, "Why?" At times I thought, "I can't go on."
I'd hurt, and doubt, and cry.
But Jesus Never left my side; He Guided me each day.
Through pain and strife, through fire and flood, He Helped me all the way.
And now I see as never before how great His Love can be. How in my weakness He is Strong, how Jesus Cares for me! He Worked it all out for my good, although
the way was rough.
He only sent what I could bear, and then
He cried, "Enough!"
He raised His hand and Said, "Be still!" He Made the storm clouds cease.
He Opened up the gates of joy and flooded me with peace. I saw His Face now clearer still, I felt His Presence strong,
I found anew His Faithfulness, He never did me wrong.
Now I know more storms will come, but only for my good,
For pain and tears have helped me grow as naught else ever could.
I still have so much more to learn as Jesus Works in me;
If in the storm I'll love Him more, that's where I want to be!
~Author Unknown~


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