1. 1Tim 2:4-God will have all to be saved-Can His will be thwarted?
  2. 1Tim 2:4-God desires all to come to the knowledge of truth-Will His desire come to pass?
  3. 1Tim 2:6-Salvation of all is testified in due time-Are we judging God before due time?
  4. Jn 12:47-Jesus came to save all-Will He succeed?
  5. Eph 1:11-God works all after the counsel of His will-Can your will overcome His?
  6. Jn 4:42-Jesus is Savior of the world-Can He be Savior of all without saving all?
  7. 1Jn 4:14-Jesus is Savior of the world-Why don't we believe it?
  8. Jn 12:32-Jesus will draw all mankind unto Himself-To roast or to love?
  9. Col 1:16-By Him all were created-Will He lose a part of His creation?
  10. Rm 5:15-21-In Adam all condemned, in Christ all live-The same all?
  11. 1Cor 15:22-In Adam all die, in Christ all live-Again, the same all?
  12. Eph 1:10-All come into Him at the fulness of times-Are you getting tired of seeing the word, all?
  13. Phl 2:9-11-Every tongue shall confess Jesus is Lord-Will the Holy Spirit be given to everyone?
  14. 1Cor 12:3-Cannot confess except by Holy Spirit-See what I mean?
  15. Rm 11:26-All Israel will be saved-But most Jews don't believe yet!
  16. Acts 3:20,21-Restitution of all-How plain can you get?
  17. Luke 2:10-Jesus will be joy to all people-Is there joy is "hell"?
  18. Heb 8:11,12- All will know God-How long, O Lord?
  19. Eph 2:7-His grace shown in the ages to come-Have we judged Him before the time?
  20. Titus 2:11-Grace has appeared to all-Experientially or prophetically?
  21. Rm 8:19-21-Creation set at liberty-How much of creation?
  22. Col 1:20-All reconciled unto God-There's that word "all" again.
  23. 1Cor 4:5-All will have praise of God-What for?
  24. Jms 5:11-End of the Lord is full of mercy-Is "hell" mercy?
  25. Rev 15:4-All nations worship when God's judgments are seen-Could His judgment be mercy?
  26. Rm 11:32-All subject to unbelief, mercy on all-All?
  27. Rm 11:36-All out of, through, and into Him-ALL into Him?
  28. Eph 4:10-Jesus will fill all things-Including "hell?"
  29. Rev 5:13-All creation seen praising God-Including Satan?
  30. 1Cor 15:28-God will be all in all-What does that mean, preacher?
  31. Rev 21:4,5-No more tears, all things made new-ALL made new?
  32. Jn 5:25-All dead who hear will live-How many will hear?
  33. Jn 5:28-All in the grave will hear & come forth-How will the "righteous" judge, judge?
  34. 1 Cor 3:15-All saved, so as by fire-How can fire save you?
  35. Mk 9:49-Everyone shall be salted with fire-Including you?
  36. Rm 11:15-Reconciliation of the world-Will fire save the world instead of destroy it?
  37. 2Cor 5:15-Jesus died for all-Did He died in vain?
  38. Jn 8:29-Jesus always does what pleases His Father-What pleases the Father? (1Tim 2:4)
  39. Heb 1:2-Jesus is Heir of all things-Does "things" include people?
  40. Jn 17:2-Jesus gives eternal life to all that His Father gave Him-How many did the Father give Him?
  41. Jn 3:35-The Father gave Him all things-(Repeated for emphasis) Study the word "things" in the Greek.
  42. 1 Tim 4:9-11-Jesus is Savior of all!-Can't seem to get away from that word "all."
  43. Heb. 7:25-Jesus is able to save to the uttermost-How far is "uttermost?"
  44. 1Cor 15:26-Last enemy, death, will be destroyed-Including "lake of fire" which is "second death?"
  45. Is 46:10-God will do all His pleasure-Does Old Testament agree with the New?
  46. Gen 18:18-All families of the earth will be blessed-Here comes that word "all" again.
  47. Dan 4:35-God's will done in heaven and earth-What can defeat His will?
  48. Ps 66:3,4-Enemies will submit to God-Can any stay rebellious in "hell?"
  49. Ps 90:3-God turns man to destruction, then says return-How can one return from "destruction?"
  50. Is 25:7-Will destroy veil spread over all nations-All nations?
  51. Deut 32:39-He kills and makes alive-Kills to bring life?
  52. Ps 33:15-God fashions all hearts-"All" hearts, including men like "Hitler?"
  53. Prv 16:9-Man devises, God directs his steps-What about "free will?"
  54. Prv 19:21-Man devises, but God's counsel stands-So much for "free will."
  55. La 3:31,32-God will not cast off forever-Why does He cast off in the first place? (1 Cor 11)
  56. Is 2:2-All nations shall flow to the Lord's house-ALL nations?
  57. Ps 86:9-All nations will worship Him-ALL nations!
  58. Is 45:23-All descendants of Israel justified-Including the wicked ones?
  59. Ps 138:4-All kings will praise God-Are you catching on?
  60. Ps 65:2-4-All flesh will come to God-That sounds wondrous.
  61. Ps 72:18-God only does wondrous things-I wish we would believe that.
  62. Is 19:14,15-Egypt & Assyria will be restored-Really?
  63. Ezk 16:55-Sodom will be restored to former estate-Sounds impossible.
  64. Jer 32:17-Nothing is too difficult for Him-Nothing? No, nothing!
  65. Ps 22:27-All ends of the earth will turn to Him-For what purpose?
  66. Ps 22:27-All families will worship before Him-Praise His name!
  67. Ps 145:9-He is good to all-Including your worst enemies.
  68. Ps 145:9-His mercies are over all his works-Let's start believing that.
  69. Ps 145:14-He raises all who fall-Who hasn't fallen in sin?
  70. Ps 145:10-All His works will praise Him-For "eternal torment?"
  71. Is 25:6-Lord makes a feast for all people-And you are invited.
  72. Jer 32:35 -Never entered His mind to torture his children with fire. This came from the carnal mind.
  73. Jn 6:44    -No one can come to Him unless He draws them. You can't "chose" to follow Him.
  74. Jn 12:32   -I will draw all mankind unto Myself-Amen!!!
  75. Ps 135:6   -God does what pleases Him-If it pleases Him to save all that He might be in all, are you upset?
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