Revelation 20:15  And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

3041 li,mnh limne {lim'-nay}
Meaning:  1) a lake
Origin:   probably from 3040 (through the idea of nearness of shore);; n f
A ocean sounds dangerous. But a lake has a more cozy feeling to it.
And near the shore. That for me means the swimmers can quite easily get out.
As opposed being dumped in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

3040 limh,n limen {lee-mane'}
Meaning:  1) a harbour, haven
Origin:  apparently a root word;; n m
Usage:  AV - haven 2, the fair havens + 2570 1; 3

The root word of that lake is even more safe.
It's a harbor. A safe place. The average sailor wants to be in harbor during storm instead of the middle of the Atlantic.

So people are thrown in a fire at a safe place. It almost sounds like the ones are being protected instead of punished in LoF

Why a 'lake' of fire? Of the commentators we have consulted, none make any reference to this particular word, to its meaning or to the reason for its use. The Greek word translated 'lake' is limne. Parkhurst says that the word indicates a lake of standing water , as opposed to a running stream, and
is so called from lian menein, ['remaining very quiet' ], so the Latin stagnum, a pool. Schrevelius reads limne, a port, harbour, haven, station, refuge, accusative limena; as if lian menei, because there the ships rest in safety; hence limenarches, harbour master. Limne occurs in the LXX in Psalm 107:30,
'haven', Psalm 107:35; 114:8, 'a standing water', Song of Solomon,
'fishpools'. The word occurs in the New Testament ten times and is always translated 'lake'. Apart from the five references in the Revelation, the
remainder occur in Luke's Gospel, 5:1,2; 8:22,23,33, the lake Gennesaret,
elsewhere called the Sea of Galilee, and the sea and lake of Tiberias, and in the Old Testament the sea of Chinnereth.

Describing something as very quiet has a peaceful feeling to it. Not a real warning. I'm aware there is a difference between quiet as in sound and as in no waves.
But still I find it odd that the only description of "hell" is described with positive words like: lake, pond, near a shore, safety, very quiet, etc
Explaining eternal extreme torture with cuddly words is odd at best.

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