Sodom and the 4 sister cities were build very near what we now call the dead sea.
Dead sea is salt sea in Hebrew.
Salt purifies. But sulpher/brimstone also because it was used for Temple cleansing.
Another name is Lake Asphaltites.

The names of the cities indicate volcanic activity. Secular science confirms that.
A volcanic eruption caused the fire and brimstone. Anyway the article continues that the volcano kept smoking for a very long time. (possibly Moses' pillar of smoke)
The volcano that is in the dead sea was still active during Jesus' time.
According to the author of the article the Greek supports another reading.
The Lake of Fire.
should be
The Lake of the Fire.  ==> tou pyros
And ofcourse that fire is the volcano in the lake. It's not the lake itself that's on fire.

he New John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible:
There seems to be some allusion in the phrase used here, and in the preceding verse, and elsewhere in this book, to the lake Asphaltites, a sulphurous lake, where Sodom and Gomorrah stood, which the Jews call the salt sea, or the bituminous lake; and whatsoever was useless, or rejected, or abominable, or accursed, they used to say, to show their rejection and detestation of it, let it be cast into the sea of salt, or the bituminous lake; thus, for instance,

``any vessels that had on them the image of the sun, or of the moon, or of a dragon "let them cast them into the salt sea", or bituminous lake*."

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