Is God a Christian?


Children are taught in Sunday Schools of Christian Churches that God commands them to obey all the rules and to pray for those who hurt them, to do good for them, to forgive them seventy times seventy (which means to forgive and keep on forgiving), and even to love their enemies!  But God, they are also taught, will condemn all people who do not accept Christ and will cast them into hell wherein God will punish them in literal fire forever!  God is thus the big hypocrite who says, "Do as I command you, but do not do as I do." 


     The author, Allan Ernest Chevrier, who wrote Whatever Became of Melanie?  said that he remembered reading about a Sunday school teacher who was teaching a class on the subject of "hell."  After awhile, a bright young girl apparently grasping the inherent contradiction, innocently blurted out, "I think that God should become a Christian." This child insightfully understood what adults (including pastors, priests, and theologians) often do not seem to understand.  How can God command people to practice a high standard of behavior which He does not even practice?  Such a God is, therefore, a terrible role model for members of the Christian Faith!  This can be both profoundly confusing and frightening for children as well as adults, who have analytical minds, to live the Christian life with this kind of God as an example!

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