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Birth of Jesus the Messiah

There is a lot of disagreement on Jesus’ date of birth. Not only on the day, but also the year of His birth. Sometimes honest opinions, sometimes because a certain date is needed in support of a doctrine.

As you will see solid proof does exist. Lot’s of it. While it’s takes a while to read, it will settle the matter with evidence from various sources and angles.

It’s so much, it’s hard to present all that info in an organized fashion. Click on the various summary items below and you find the needed info on the next pages.

Watching the moon
Watching for the new moon is an important part of the Jewish calendar. Often it’s obvious but sometimes there are some doubts when the new months  starts. Presently the calendar is calculated. That can cause minor calculation errors. That means when you check my calculations you have to do so for a few  different years not being leap years.
In the end we must simply assume, have faith if you wish, that the observations during Jesus time were accurate.