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Last update 21 December, 2016

9/11 and Isa 9:10

Isa 9:10 “The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with dressed stone; the fig trees have been felled, but we will replace them with cedars.”

That verse is about rebellion. God had a hedge of protection around Israel and for that reason they were never attacked. But they fell away so God allowed the Assyrian army to breach His wall for a moment.

Short attack and they left. A warning.  A harbinger.

Israel didn't turn to God but defied Him by swearing the oath of the verse.

Replace low grade bricks by high grade hewn rock. Replace low grade sycamore wood by high grade cedar wood. That simply means they increased military spending.

A while later God granted the Assyrians total victory.

The Assyrians were the worlds first terrorists because their war strategy was largely based on scare tactics like skinning, burning, etc people.

To the main story; 9/11

God has always been happy with the USA. That changed when God was banned from public schools. The passing of the abortion law is compared to sacrificing to Molech. God allowed 9/11 to happen as a warning. The terrorists spoke the same language as the Assyrians.

A summary of the main parallels.

Various officials at various speeches used vows like in the verse.

Near the twin towers was a sycamore tree which was broken by the falling tower. In the very hole of that tree a cedar was planted.

The new buildings have a special cornerstone. A 20 ton block hewn from a mountain.  Both block and tree in the same hole follow the Hebrew meaning to the letter.

Wallstreet was founded by signing the knotwood agreement under the knotwood tree. Knotwood is another name for sycamore.

America isn't founded in Washington but in New York.

President Washington and his buddies signed papers and then prayed in a church that still stands. That's compared with Solomon praying/dedicating the nation.

The sycamore tree was on the churchyard of that church. The churchyard used to be much bigger but mostly sold. The twin towers stood in what was the church yard. Outer court.

9/11 was a Sabbath year.

The government ramped up military spending to an insane level (rocks and cedars).  Interest rates kept dropping as a tool to finance war and to protect the market from 9/11 fallout. The result was virtually free money.

7 years later the financial crisis hit.

On the very first day of the Hebrew year the mortgage market collapsed.  On the very last day of the year the 700 billion bank bailout failed. Massive stock market crash.

7 years after 9/11 the market lost all it gained in 7 years.  7% or 777 points.

God forced the slate to be swept clean. The Sabbath principle.

That 7 year financial cycle pops up all over the place.


America is still in the first warning phase. If it repents God restores the hedge and prosperity. If not the USA will suffer as never before. The pattern is always the same. The methods vary. So America can be destroyed by a massive war, but just as well turn into a ultra poor country because of the financial markets crashing. Or whatever God has up His sleeve.

Nations fall when another nation rises during a Sabbath year (Assyria, Babylon, Persia)